160 x 150 mm


materials — vegetable cow leather, vegetable leather lining badiane goat, linen thread 6 with beeswax, tinted edge, brass press button.

process handmade — cutting template, parure, stitching, sewing saddlery, sanding, staining and polishing of slices.


©Mathilde Vello
©Mathilde Vello

Lampe Canne


1100 x 210 x 200 mm 


materials — steel, aluminium, cannage (rattan)

process — 3D rendering

The "Lampe Canne" is fixed to the wall, it can illuminate an angle to 180 degrees, from right to left, to position where it is desired to use it.
Its shade is adjustable, 90 degrees right or left. The "Lampe Canne" is a working lamp, an ambient lamp and a wall light when it is turned towards the wall and frees up space. The cane filters, larger than the lampshade, allow to be manipulated, to meet according to their position and to offer a variation of light.
By crossing, the cane creates a landscape, a poetry specific to its woven pattern.
Finalist of "Cinna Révélateur de talents - 10ème édition" contest, Cinna Ligne Roset, Paris, France.
©Mathilde Vello

Dream off


Ø 600 mm


materials — solid lime, pmma, mirror film (gold, copper, silver), brass mechanism

process — laser cut, turned wood, hand crafted


— « Seeing without being seen »

This object is both a mirror and an area separator. Two papers of twoway mirror which are laser cut and applied to a pmma sheet, allow to see through or to be seen thanks to a rotary gesture.
Turning the wheel lets see through or reflects the person and what happens behind it. By binding to the edge of the desk it uses to preserve the existing workspace.

© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello


Ø 420 mm


materials — pmma, marbling ink, film converters, LED source, brass mechanism, textile cable

process — laser cut, hand crafted


— « Mountain sky »

This object is a lamp for additional lighting atmosphere in office.
My aim through this item is to bring a bright comfort by the variation of intensity and to recreate a colorful landscape.
By a gesture of rotation from 0° to 90 ° lighting switches from «off» to «on». The lamp is composed of two special films, like the system used in photography.
This low-tech system provides a very gentle and gradual light variation effect. A simple gesture of rotation allows to appreciate and choose one’s lighting.
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello


Ø 380 mm


materials — screen printing, standard clock mechanism, hanging ceiling light with rotary motor, textile cable

process — laser cut, hand crafted


— « Clouds interior »

This product is a collective clock. It refers to external climatic changes. How to collect meteorological differences when you’re inside?
The colors of the sky, cloud movements ...
This clock shows the time and offers random play graphics to create the feeling of a portion of sky inside.
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello

Black Mirror


Ø 80 x 20 mm


materials — solid ash, glass, paper

process — turned wood, hand crafted


Laureate of the contest « objet transitionnel », partnership AOS Studley and Vitra


— Black mirror,
is an object that is revealed in several steps. It reflects a landscape or the person and with finger touch or breath interaction, images stored inside appears.
It refers to optical instruments from Renaissance when using a black sheet behind a glass plate, painters composed their painting. The shape of the structure is sloping like inside the mirror. Put down on a table, the mirror defines an angle of view.


© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello



Ø 95 x h 55-15 mm
Ø 90 x h 95-30 mm
Ø 145 x h 50-25 mm
Ø 235 x h 75-25 mm


materials — solid linden, mirror pmma
process — turned wood, laser cut

— This series of mirrors are designed with a sloping oval surface reflecting inside the outer fragments as a tree, a part of sky or a silhouette, a look to juxtapose dissimilar life scenes in different time frames.
Forms refer to the stumps in the gardens. The use of turned wood reveals its veining and draws the base of the object. An oblique cut defines the place of the mirror. Once installed, it uses as watching as reflecting new fields of vision which are always unpredictable.



© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello

Bike up


450 x 330 x 25 mm


materials — colson scratch, nylon
process — seam, hand crafted


éc a l 


— Bike bag
How to fill the empty areas of a bike?
This bag is structured and maintained around and on the bicycle frame. The reference frame is one of a fixie. The bag is hung by means of Velcro ® colsons on tubes. The fabric is waterproof and hard-wearing to outer constraints. In five movements, the bag is hold and stabilized around the fixie frame.


© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello


1900 x 450 x 47 mm
partnership Felco, Ecal

materials — solid ash, mdf
process — hand crafted, CNC processing


— One-axis scale

One field of use of Felco pruning shears is arboriculture. Listing the different jobs of size fruiting, pruning and regeneration of trees, I have taken an interest in the profession of «résinier». The Pitey is a kind of scale with a single support , used to collect the resin in the pines in the past.
This object that can be up to 4 meters is supported between the trunk and a branch. Made of wood for tradition and robustness, it is composed of stamped aluminum steps for more lightness.


Project in partnership with Felco
Photographs by Nicolas Genta


 éc a l 

© Nicolas Genta
© Mathilde Vello



1400 x 170 x 170mm


VIDEO of workshop 

workshop Roel Wouters, Ecal


materials — mdf, printing paper
process — hand crafted

— Camera Drama
Building a machine or an object used to produce images.
We propose a black box in which is inserted an iphone taking a video. Sliding in the tube, it films a movie.
The result is visible once the iphone recovered. The principle of animation is a frame by frame movie which is visible by the box slope playing with the falling speed of the iphone.


Project with Tom Zambaz
et Paul Tubiana
Photographs by Nicolas Genta

 éc a l

© Nicolas Genta
© Nicolas Genta



close : 1750 x 600 x 180 mm

open : 1750 x 600 x 2500 mm


materials — solid beech and ash, baize
process — hand crafted, seam



— Folding shelf
With the bias of the micromaximum, this piece of furniture
measures 18 cm, when it is folded and 2.50m opened, to wit an amplitude of 1300%. It opens out in three movements. The frames are flared to create visual dynamics.
They are composed of a laminatedglued beech and ash to improve the solid wood part strength.
The hinges are made of felt, flexible but firm material to allow different angles of opening and a necessary clearance between each part.

© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello


Ø 350 x 300 x 270 mm

workshop with Rfid technology, EnsAD



materials — pmma
process — thermoforming, arduino, Rfid


— interactive Clock
«I only slept two hours last night», this sentence is the starting point of the project.
The object is an alarm clock. The user defines the number of hours of sleep and not the time at which he wants to wake up.

This item appears as a speaker in front of which a set of parts is put. Each element corresponds to a sleep duration spreading out from five minutes to ten hours.

This interactive object allows us to understand our relationship to sleep time differently and enjoy the rest quantitatively. Spending time is not read, it results in an other sense than eyesight : it’s hearing.


Project exposed to Gaïté Lyrique


© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello


Ø 950 x 120 mm


materials — mirror pmma, lycra
process — thermoformage



— Mirror reflector
This dome uses the reflective qualities of the mirror. A light source is placed in front of the 160°-reflected-light convex form. We offer a contemplative item, as the reflection of the mirror roughness as blue solid color back. The reflector is held in two points to play on the slope and orientation of the mirror and light.


© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello
© Mathilde Vello

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